Docked ship at port of Argentia at night

About the Port of Argentia

About the Port of Argentia

At a Glance

Cooper Cove Terminal Extension

The project extends the dock, creating additional storage and fabrication space (100,000 m2). It includes a berth for a pipe rack, spooling line, and a Ro-Ro ramp for efficient heavy load handling.

General Capacity Metrics – Marine Facilities

ItemExisting InfrastructureProposed Cooper Cove Marine Terminal Expansion
Berths5 berths in 2 dock areas8 berths in 4 dock areas
Length of Dock430 m of berthageExtending the wharf by approximately 448 m, bringing it to an approximate length of 878 m
WidthWidth 16.5 m 
DraughtDraught 7.4 to 11 mUp to 14 m Draught
 ISPS code compliant 
 Sheltered anchorage available 
On Site Lift Capacity

One heavy-lift crane pad on the wharf built for a 200-tonne mobile crane at minimum radius.

Currently two Gottwald mobile harbour cranes (2), 140 tonne lift capacity

3 additional heavy lift berths added
Graving DockBuilt for the Cenovus wellhead module project in 2015, the 25 m deep graving dock allows for the construction of the concrete platform directly in the dry dockAdditional roll-on roll-off dock component
Northside Industrial Park

Surrounding the Port’s Dock Lands, the Northside is a prime location for heavy industrial projects, renewable energy projects and for providing marine support services.

Over 400 hectares of developed flat land ideally suited for fabrication, warehousing and marshalling yards.

Additional dock capacity will support development from multiple tenants.  Marine Terminal Expansion will dramatically increase exports of renewable energy. 

100,000 m3 of additional quayside space will be created

Southside Industrial Park800 hectare fully developed and serviced siteAdditional dock capacity will support development

Argentia Capital

Argentia Capital Inc. focuses on the construction of port infrastructure, the provision of services and equity ownership in businesses that support aquaculture, renewable energy, and oil and gas sectors, as well as other port developments.