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ACI’s mandate is to secure traditional and non-traditional sources of financing for infrastructure development and generate incremental new revenue streams for the Port of Argentia.

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ACI is seeking committed vendors and 3rd parties to become preferred vendors, which will support local business involvement on large projects and the operating needs of businesses at the Port of Argentia.

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Port of Argentia
Key Features

Cooper Cove Marine Terminal Expansion

Involves a continuation of the existing marine terminal to take advantage of existing services and extending the wharf by 448 m, bringing it to a length of 878 m. The area behind the wharf face will be in-filled to create storage and laydown areas, warehousing, and fabrication halls, creating over 100,000 m2 of additional space.


Argentia Capital's
Investment Prospects

Green Hydrogen
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Argentia Renewables

Pattern Energy is proposing to construct and operate an integrated 400 MTPD Green Hydrogen electrolyzer and Ammonia (NH3) Production, Storage and Loading Facility.

Spool Pipe Base
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Offshore Subsea Piping

ACI is working with POA to finance the development of a spool pipe base including the identification and negotiation of value-added incremental revenue streams available from the construction and operation of a spool pipe base.

Rare Earth Industrial Park
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Rare Earth Mineral Processing

Torrent Capital Ltd. has signed a memorandum of Understanding with POA to seek out investment necessary to establish a rare earth industrial park at the port that will lead to the import of raw materials and the export of finished goods. A comprehensive rare earth supply chain study is currently being undertaken, the study covers sourcing of materials from mining operations to intermediate processing of oxides and metals to magnet manufacturing. This study is supported by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Department of Innovation, Energy and Technology.

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